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China Rock core MRI system factory

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Our Factory
NIUMAG Corporation is an international high-tech corporation focusing on development and application spread of low-field NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), with strong development ability, sophisticated customer service system and internal management system.
NIUMAG Corporation now has three core product lines, multiple invention patents and software copyrights. Independent development and innovation mechanism and perfect product architecture has formed in both core technique and product lines. The NMR imaging system pioneered by NIUMAG Corporation as a technology-mature and performance-steady laboratory analytical instrument has obtained several national certificates, and it has been widely used and unanimously approved in agriculture and food, petroleum prospecting, chemical fiber industry, biomedical, etc.
Through years of successful market operation and extending technology, NIUMAG product line has formed peculiar solutions for low-field NMR technology, providing customer mature, steady and excellent industry and product solutions. We are proud to say NIUMAG Corporation has grown up to the most promising and dynamic enterprise in low-field NMR industry.
In 2015, NIUMAG sold products to Harvard Medical School–Massachusetts General Hospital, which marks the NIUMAG’s products successfully entered the US market and won the reorganization from world’s top scientists.
In 2016, Suzhou NIUMAG Analysis Instruments Corporation had public listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (stock symbol: 836507) which marks NIUMAG has already on its fast developing path. With the boosting of capital operation and the joint effort of every stuff, NIUMAG is blooming.
Our History
Established in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Shanghai  
Core products certified by Shanghai technology achievements transformation
Obtained ISO9001 quality system certification
Identified as national high-tech enterprise
Products won innovation scientific instruments awarded
Products entered the European market successfully
Products located in national food quality & safety testing technology demonstration center
Undertaken National Key Scientific Apparatus Development of Special Program
Approved by transformation of sci-tech achievements project
Niumag International was founded in Toronto, Canada
Niumag Corporation officially changed its name to Suzhou Niumag Analytical instrument Corporation
Suzhou NIUMAG Analysis Instruments Corporation had public listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (stock symbol: 836507)
Production Market
NIUMAG has been specialized in low-field NMR / MRI for 14 years, with presence in China, Turkey, Russia, Korea, Vietnam and Singapore. We are also in Europe, Canada and America with partners in the Unites States of America, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.We are a fast-growing company, quickly expanding our footprint across the globe. We’re looking for long term relationships with Agents / Dealers & Distributors.
If you are interested and wish to represent us, we would like to talk to you.China Rock core MRI system factory

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