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China Thermocol Machine manufacturers

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EPS Expandable Polystyrene Batch Pre-expander Machine
1. The machine adopts PLC and touch screen, automatic filling, electronic weighing, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic production.
2. Machine is complete with Screw Conveyor and Electronic Weighing system.
3. Closed expansion chamber enables expansion under constant pressure, high steaming efficiency and steam saving.
4. With proportional valves to steam and air flow.
5. With photocell or vibration sensor to control material level, ensuring density tolerance within±3%.
6. The machine is equipped with fluidized bed dryer, including drying, automatic sieving, delumping and material conveying to silos.
7. Most components used in the machine are of famous brand both at home and abroad.
EPS Raw Material & EPS polystyrene pre-expander after expansion EPS beads
Our EPS Batch Pre-expander machine plus other EPS Equipment (Complete EPS Project) can make EPS Product for example as follow:
① EPS Ceiling Line
② EPS Electrical Packaging
③ EPS Step Panel
④ EPS Whole Block
⑤ EPS Sandwich Panel
⑥ EPS 3D Panel and so on
1. What's the order process?
a. Inquiry---Provide us all clear requirements.
b. Technical communication---Supply our suggestion, answer clients’ questions.
c. Quotation---Official quotation form with clear specifications.
d. Payment terms--- T/T 30% in advanced, balanced before shipment.
e. Production ---Arrange the production from our side, tell clients the production status in time.
f. Shipping---By sea, air or courier. Detailed picture of delivery will be provided.
g. Installation---Engineers go to clients' factory in time for installation, training and trial production.
Should you're in need of eps expandable polystyrene batch pre-expander machine, welcome to buy with our factory. We are one of the professional EPS machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Come and enjoy good price with us.China Thermocol Machine manufacturers

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